Thursday, 16 October 2014

How to Eliminate Your Wrinkled

How to Eliminate Your Wrinkled

Having wrinkled in the face is a very big problem for most of women in the world. It can degrade the confident. Unfortynately, this problem must occur especially in about 25 years. Moreover, women like to use many kinds of cosmetics which make the wrinkled comes faster than it should be. Are you getting this kind of problem? All right, you may no longer afraid. Here are some products to help you in eliminating your wrinkled in natular way.

1.       Olive Oil

You must know about olive oil right? You can find it easily. This oil is one of natural product which very effective in removing wringkled. It has some substance to make your skin health and do rejuvenation well because the main cause why you have wrinkled is bad rejuvenation proccess. 

2.       Banana

Guess what? Banana is not only delicious to be eaten but it is also useful in beauty field. The vitamin brought by this fruit can be the solution of wrinkled. You only need to refine it then apply on your face. It is a masker. You can wait for about 15 minutes then wash it. If you do it minimally once a week, the wrinkled will fade away. 

3.       Pineapple

The other fruit which can be used as your natural treatment in eliminating wrinkled is pineaple. More or less it has same vitamin like what banana have. So, if you cannot find banana you may use pineaple. The way to use it is a bit different with banana. You do not need to refine it. It is okey just to cut it into some then put it on your face for about 15-20 minutes.
Those are some natural product to help you in removing your wrinkled from your face. Hopefully, it is helpful and do not be afraid to practice it. 

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